The Program

Matt Talbot Ministries serves people who suffer from stress due to compulsive behaviors and family tension. Some of the most common compulsive behaviors involve alcohol, gambling, sex, compulsive spending, television, food, sugar, work, selfishness and shyness. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer and arthritis can also be the root cause of personal and family dysfunction. We serve the addictive personality as well as family members who suffer from the effects of that addiction. We help people to move beyond anger, depression, confusion and fear.

The guiding principle at "Matt Talbot Ministries" is "Serenity through Self-Awareness and Spirituality". Our basic theory is that whenever there is tension or dysfunction in a person's life, or in a relationship, it is because there is an underlying cause. Our initial objective is to help people identify that underlying cause. The tension in a relationship or a family unit may never get resolved if the source of dysfunction is not identified.

Over the years the idea of reconciliation has become the cornerstone of our healing ministry. We teach that reconciliation happens when we have an attitude of giving and forgiving. Our focus, as we nurture people through the tension of dependency and co-dependency is unconditional forgiveness of self and others. We teach about the need for developing the virtue of love. We teach the importance of maintaining a sense of connection and support with people who are significant in our lives. We teach people how to communicate in gentle and caring ways, how to express thoughts and feelings honestly.

After over thirty years of ministry we have come to believe that making a commitment to be on a spiritual path needs to be the goal of everyone who has a desire to be in recovery from anger, depression, confusion and fear.