Your Involvement

What Does It All Mean

Reconciliation works on the principle that there is an underlying cause to explain the presence of anger, depression, fear or imbalance in a person's life, or in a relationship. That cause may also result in destructive behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse, relationship dependencies, compulsive spending, gambling, workaholism, perfectionism, compulsive care taking and eating disorders. Our unique method of facilitating helps people process negative feelings, personal struggles and destructive behaviors in a constructive way, and resolve situations that cause stress.

How Does It All Happen

Through a process of nurturing, self-awareness, and reconciliation, individuals are able to move from a life of tension and stress to a life of understanding, acceptance and serenity.

Who Makes It Happen

All programs are directed toward the ideals of "12 step" recovery, reconciliation and spiritual growth. All staff members have received workshop training and are considered peer facilitators. They too, have personally experienced the devastating effects of stress, tension, anger and fear. They understand that we are all individuals with unique feelings and unique problems. They have discovered a commonality among themselves and the thousands of people they have helped. They are ready to help you.

What Is Expected From You

The first step for participation in our program is a desire to move from a life of tension to a life of serenity. The second step is a willingness to admit and talk about the situations in your life that are causing tension and stress. The third step requires a decision to trust that you are not alone and that help is available. Matt Talbot Ministries is a not-for-profit organization. Our only purpose is to serve people who want help. All sessions are held in strict confidence. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in our program regardless of their ability to make a donation. Client donations are used to help offset expenses.

The Next Step Is Yours

The following are quotes from people who have attended our program:

For so many years I was fooling myself, allowing myself to be hurt and hurt others. I was unable to deal with my anger, and I was hurting my family especially my spouse and children, and most of all I was hurting myself.

My spouse was angry and confused. I was frustrated. Today it feels good to know that serenity is mine. I worked hard for it. We all have so much to share, so much to give.

I'm a normal, healthy person...but I felt tense and unhappy.

After enduring one failed relationship after another, I realized that something was wrong but I didn't know what. I felt worthless and lonely...I was depressed."