"From tension to serenity"

The most significant counseling center I've ever come across.
- Dr. Gil Gockley, author, therapist, and co-founder of The Gockley Institute

Matt Talbot Ministries serves people who suffer from stress due to compulsive behaviors and family tension. Some of the most common compulsive behaviors involve alcohol, gambling, sex, compulsive spending, television, food, sugar, work, selfishness and shyness. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer and arthritis can also be the root cause of personal and family dysfunction. We serve the addictive personality as well as family members who suffer from the effects of that addiction. We help people to move beyond anger, depression, confusion and fear.

The guiding principle at "Matt Talbot Ministries" is "Serenity through Self-Awareness and Spirituality".   Continue Reading...

Online And/Or Telephone Counseling

If time or distance won't allow you to meet with us in person we have personalized on line help available. Click here to get more information or to sign up.